People often overlook the right guidelines in choosing luggages for many reasons. Some may say they do not travel that much and are not in need of a good luggage set while some may say that bags are not that important.

Yes, you may say these are valid reasons but what happens when you happen to have to take that emergency flight? If you do not have a good luggage set, chances are you’d pull out those old, ratty traveling bags you have in your closet.

Who cares, right? Well, the people in the airport might care, not to mention the people you’d be seeing and staying with on the other end of flight. They will certainly care when your bag begins ripping out and your underwear begins to see the world… Not a good picture.

This is a very avoidable issue if you start reading the tips on choosing the best luggage in the market below.

Choose a light burden

When choosing a bag in the department store, test its weight already. Choose the lightest possible luggage while not compromising its quality and durability. You should be able to push and pull the empty luggage very easily. If you are already having a hard time pushing and pulling it around, imagine how difficult it would be once you’ve already filled your bags to the brim.

The reason why some luggages are heavier than the others is that they come with so many additional “features,” some of which you do not really need. Do not be too hard on yourself and free yourself from the possible excess baggage. Also consider that you will be bringing more things on your flight back home. Take that!

Choose a material that will suit you best

Luggages come in different covers. Some have hard, some have semi-soft and some have soft covers. Luggages with hard covers contradict the first tip. These are the heavier types of luggage and are only useful of you are bringing something fragile. If this is not the case, you need not buy a hard luggage.

Luggages with semi-soft covers have hard frames and are the more popular choice among travelers. They provide the lightness of soft cover luggages and the durability of hard cover luggages. They come with wheels so navigating them is pretty easy.

Lastly, luggages with soft covers are better known as carry-on luggages. The material is not hard enough for heavy packing but is flexible enough to be used in traveling. They also have wheels but they are usually carried.

It should not hinder movement

A good set of wheels is very important in choosing the best luggage. The luggage you have chosen may be of the right size and weight but it doesn’t matter anymore because the wheels do not roll properly. This is another reason why it’s better to buy luggage in a department store than from online sellers. You have to test the luggage of your choice before buying it to know whether its wheels glide properly.

Space should not be a problem

In order to accommodate all kinds of trips you may have in the future, choose a luggage that has an adjustable space inside. There are luggages available in the market that can be converted into a carry-on in a minute for your short travels.

However, if an adjustable bag is not available, it is best if you choose a luggage that has a big space allowance. Compartments are helpful in expanding your bag’s space. Remember, a bulging luggage in danger of exploding is not only harmful to your bag, but is also unattractive to look at. Also consider the fact that you will be bringing more things when you come back home. Where will you put them?
You should have enough money left to enjoy your travel

Do not spend all of your money on your luggage. At the same time, do not settle on the cheapest bag in the store. Be practical and reasonable! Some luggages come with a high price because of its name, not because of its quality. The price you pay for your luggage must also be equal to the length of time you would be enjoying it.

While the best luggage for your eyes may be the one in Louis Vuitton, your wallet might not agree. You do not need to have a designer luggage. There are many luggages available in the market today that offer durability and aesthetic appeal for a lower price.