Golf bags serve many functions during your round of golf. No matter whether you are using a golf stand bag or a golf cart bag the bag needs to make you comfortable while you are practicing or playing your round of golf. In addition, your golf bag can be a statement of style.

A golf bag is an essential piece of equipment. It does not matter your skill level. As a low handicapper or a beginning golfer, your bag can make the game more enjoyable for you. Next to your golf clubs, a golf bag is simply the most important piece of golf equipment there is.

As a beginning golfer, there are many options and quite frankly a lot of confusing information about bags. Once you actually begin playing golf on the course, then you will need some sort of bag of your own to carry your golf clubs as well as all of the other accessories to play your round of golf. However, there are things that you should know before buying a golf bag on impulse or without the correct information.

You first need to understand that there are two types of golf equipment bags are available for you to purchase. You will have the option of purchasing a carry bag or a cart bag. Here are a few of the differences:

Carry bags also known as stand bags are a piece of golf equipment that is used when you are planning to walk the majority of your rounds of golf. These bags are lightweight and are very versatile. Many players will use a golf carry bag or golf stand bag when they do ride as they play during their round of golf. Cart golf bags are those that you use when walking is not possible (as some golf courses prohibit walking), and riding a golf cart is your option. In addition, some players who do not walk, like these bags because they tend to have more room available through multiple pockets.

When buying a carry bag, make sure that you are able to find a comfortable one. Make sure to check the straps to see if it fits comfortably and whether it can be carried easily with a set of golf clubs in it. Even if you are on a restricted budget, do not necessarily purchase the lowest priced golf bags. Comfort is very important in this instance as you will literally be strapped to the bag for many hours. An uncomfortable bag will not only make you miserable on the golf course but in addition the bag can be painful if it rubs you to the point it causes blisters.

A golf cart bag is typically made of heavier material such as leather. In addition, the top of the golf cart bag is usually larger and typically measures approximately nine inches. Due to the size and weight of the bag, it does not make sense to carry a cart bag during your round of golf. Most golfers are not in good enough shape to pull this off and still enjoy it.

Another important thing to consider when purchasing any type of golf bag is its weight. This is one of the most important things to know. A golf bag should be light enough to be carried or carted easily, but sturdy enough to hold your clubs and protect them. Some bags are even water resistant and are rain proofed for the protection of your clubs. Most of these bags have anywhere from five to nine dividers for your clubs as well as additional pockets.

As bags are an essential piece of equipment, depending on how you play the game will determine which type of golf bag will best suit your needs.