Although briefcases have come along way, from the fourteenth century “budget” to the more modern metal framed briefcase, their use has remained relatively the same. Briefcases are used to carry items important to the person using it. A “budget” was most often used for carrying money and valuables. The modern day briefcase is used for carrying anything from attorney briefs to laptops. There are even briefcases big enough to carry a 13 inch 12 volt television.

Businessmen are most commonly thought of for carrying briefcases. With more women having careers outside of the house and students taking their laptops to class with them, it’s common to see a briefcase just about anywhere. With this new trend the briefcase has also evolved to meet the many needs of modern people. There are aluminum briefcases which are usually used for security purposes. They often come with some type of locking device to secure the items in it. When security is less of an issue there are many different briefcases to choose from. There are soft sided, hard sided, expandable briefcases, and briefcases with dividers. The list goes on when getting into the different designers offering briefcases as well.

The color of a briefcase is often less important than the style, but not so unimportant to overlook it completely. With briefcases being used by people other than business professionals, and being used to carry things that are not work related, they are now offered in many different colors. The briefcase can now show some of the carrier’s personality by purchasing the bold pink briefcase now offered, or choosing something more subtle but still eye catching such as red or green. When it comes to business, the more traditional briefcase colors still dominate. A professional silver aluminum briefcase gives the impression that you mean serious business. Even a brown leather-like briefcase or soft-sided black briefcase shows business with a less intimidating manner.

Whatever the color or style of a briefcase, they continue to be popular and handy. More and more people find different uses for a briefcase that fit their own personal needs. Whether using it to carry important documents, or using it to transport a 12 volt television, briefcase use is on the rise. And with the prices ranging from affordable to the more expensive designer briefcases, there are briefcases in almost everyone’s price range.